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Developing a Strong Business Foundation 

Performing an iterative Marketing Analysis is crucial to the success of a company. Our consultants are trained to review your marketing presence, sales strategies, product or service branding and market placement.


We will help you develop a living Business Plan that will provide an action plan with specific actions, risks, mitigation plan, and an initial

schdule to complete items. The Marketing Analysis report will provide a list of strengths, weakness, opportunities, and value propositions that will resonate with your customers, increasing your market saturation and reach. 

Assessing Market Trends and Market Growth Rate

Understanding the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of a Market is very important. This data foreshadows the current state of a market or domain, indicating whether it is ascending, declining, or stagnant. New technology markets can exceed 30% while stagnant markets may be 6%, indicating a likely commoditized field.  Based on this assessment, we can help steer your product or service strategies to maximize your competitive advantage, review your competition, and better understand the market offerings. We rely on marketing data from, for example, Gartner and Forrester research and other open publications. We especially like to begin the analysis using the Gartner Magic Quadrant  that shows challengers, leaders, and various product alignment approaches in a single chart.

This marketing analysis is critical to help formulate a strong product and service positioning. One of the outcomes is the development of value propositions that differentiate against the competition, ensuring that the solution resonates fully with your customer. Our Value Proposition analysis can help your company discover a list of characteristics that include short and long term cost benefits, performance (functions and features), ease of use, and superior support.